Litigation Support & Expert Witness

Experienced - Credible - Convincing

David Schutz is a qualified expert in the valuation, appraisal, business economics, and lost profits associated with broadcast radio and television, towers, and programming services.  In this regard, he has been qualified as an expert witness in numerous state and Federal courts.  His analyses have also been recognized by the FCC, various Federal agencies, and he has provided expert testimony to the US Congress.

In his 40 year career, Mr. Schutz has evaluated and appraised more than 4,000 stations, towers, and media businesses for financial institutions, private investors, owners, and regulatory agencies.  He also has expert witness experience in mass media economics, finance, business interruption, lost profits, and retransmission. In addition, he has testified in technical matters relating to signal and program distribution.  

His extensive knowledge of the industry provides the basis for comprehensive analyses that form the basis for credible and convincing expert opinion.

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